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Thursday, September 10, 2009  |  From Raffaele : RafCollection

SvcUtil let you automatically create the client configuration for a WCF service. When you use a certificate on the server side, its public key is encoded in Base64 in the client web.config. 1: <identity> 2: <certificate encodedValue="AwAAAA ...." /> 3: </identity> Obviously SvcUtil create this information from metadata (wsdl). Unfortunately there are cases where the […]

Wednesday, February 13, 2008  |  From Raffaele : RafCollection

During the last TechEd developers in Barcelona, I was at the Ask The Expert in the Security Development Lifecycle booth with the SDL team and Michael Howard in person. I had the chance to be interviewed in the Fishbowl, as a Threat Modeling expert.   On Monday I discovered that the video has gone live. […]

Tuesday, January 15, 2008  |  From Raffaele : RafCollection

I am evaluating a new device that has its own internal webserver. It’s a box that deals with some input signals that can be used via TCP/IP. It sounds great since it provides also WiFi port and is security enabled. All great standard way to communicate with a device, but (there is always a but […]

Wednesday, November 29, 2006  |  From Raffaele : RafCollection

I just finished uploading on Codeplex my RafCollection project that focus on a collection for building object models, support binding, etc.

You may think that's too much for a collection class but the project is larger from what you may initially think. The main class is 2243 source rows and with the other classes the total is 3387 source rows.

Why all this stuff? Because I needed to have a super-powerful collection in order to keep my entities as simple as possible. So the collection takes care about full binding support, sorting, filtering, finding, building views, transactional support (AcceptChanges, RejectChanges, ..) and obviously state handling.
Well, to test the collection I needed few other things that are included in the project workspace. I am talking about an idea to load entities from the database and dealing with DBNulls, and obviously a small UI test project.

You may find on the projecy home page a long document that explain how it works and the reasons for all the choices I did in building this collection.

I was forgetting ... sorry for my English, I hope the mistakes in the doc (and here in my new English blog) are greater than the bugs in the project Smile

Enjoy! ... and report bugs please Wink

 Raffaele : RafCollection News Feed 

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